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  In 2014, Burberry, one of the world's top luxury brands, took the lead in the luxury industry to enter the Alibaba Tmall platform, to great fanfare. It initiated multi-dimensional cooperation with Alibaba in marketing, technological innovation, big data application and business modeling, jointly setting many records in the industry, and their collaboration has become a top benchmark in the local luxury industry. Once again for hitting the No.1 in the industry, Burberry and Tmall have joined hands to launch the Burberry Tmall Super Brand Day (SBD) this year.


  SBD is the most influential brand marketing IP of Tmall under Alibaba, China's largest and the world’s top e-commerce platform. Burberry Tmall SBD was rather exciting, featuring a worldwide livestream of the "2021 London Spring/Summer Fashion Show" empowered by multi-camera immersive show experience, variety of AR and big data technologies support. The livestream, joined by a great many celebrities and panel discussion, bringing to the spotlight a series of fascinating innovations and breakthroughs.


  中国首家多镜头沉浸式全球大秀直播 +明星连续空降4天直播不打烊

  Burberry SBD Highlights: China's First Exclusive Multi-view & Immersive Global Fashion Show Livestream + 4-day Continuous Celebrity Participation
Burberry的春夏秀作为重要的时尚风向标,今年以“In Bloom 生命绽放”为主题,秀场设置在户外环境中,旨在为观众打造英国户外的视觉盛宴的沉浸式体验,并探索一个新的空间,让社群与自然和彼此重新链接,表达品牌对自由精神的不息追求。

  Burberry Spring/Summer Fashion Show has always represented the latest fashion trends. This year, on the theme of "In Bloom", the show was set in an outdoor environment, poised to create an immersive British outdoor visual feast for the audience and explore a brand-new space where communities and the nature find themselves connected again, in expression of the brand's endless pursuit of free spiritedness.

  Burberry的创新基因在中国电商市场一贯表现明显,此次超级品牌日Burberry更是将“2021伦敦春夏时装秀”搬上天猫,在天猫进行独家“多视角“、 ”沉浸式“直播。

  Burberry's innovative genes have had a longstanding presence in China's e-commerce market. On SBD, Burberry launched "2021 London Spring/Summer Fashion Show" on Tmall, and conducted an exclusive ‘multi-view’ and ‘immersive’ live stream.

  大秀直播前夕进行了三天直播预热。第一天超品宣传片发布,品牌形象大使宋威龙现场连线互动,分享与品牌结缘故事。此后两天则创新引入《这!就是街舞》精英舞者,演绎品牌潮流一面,打破消费者的刻板印象。街舞课堂直播、Live House表演、头部主播带货,各种潮流玩法融合让整个活动储备势能。三天预热直播保持平均每场500万观看人次,呈日常直播近10倍增长,点赞互动数直逼2000万,为超品爆发当天大秀直播积累超高关注度。

  was released, and Song Weilong, Burberry Brand Ambassador, interacted with the audience on-site to share his story with Burberry. The next two warm-up days featured elite dancers from the hit show of Street Dance of China, whose unique expression of brand trends broke all the stereotypes that consumers might have had. A vivid integration of livestreamed hip-hop class, Live House show, Austin Lee’s live stream of product recommendation, and various fashion games injected huge momentum into the series of eye-catching events. The warm-up series throughout the three days received an average viewership of 5 million, almost ten times that of before, while the number of likes and interactions was reaching 20 million, demonstrating the super-high attention it attracted for the highly-anticipated show that were to follow it.


  For this fashion show, the Tmall live stream room has settled five views simultaneously for audience, who can get a feel for the lively scene from the first main view, while taking close-up on various brand elements and product details from multiple sub-views, any of which can be easily switched back as the main view with a click.

  整个Burberry超级品牌日全程充满创新元素,云看秀、云街舞,再到AR技术、大数据,以及引入明星参演的视觉内容创作,这种虚拟和现实交融的沟通方式,带给消费者全新的独特体验,全方位感受到Burberry的创新突破,同时也可达到品效合一的效果。Burberry博柏利天猫超级品牌日直播间异常火爆,多镜头观看人次破2800万,创造天猫单品牌直播间观看大秀记录。这是阿里巴巴第一次多视角沉浸式直播品牌大秀,受到了天猫用户极佳的反响。据统计,仅天猫平台上就累积了超2800万用户观看了Burberry 2021伦敦春夏时装秀。

  Burberry Tmall SBD was full of innovative elements, combining a cloud-based show, cloud-based street dance performance, AR technology, and big data to visualize contents jointly created by celebrities. This innovative channel of communication that brought together virtual and realistic demonstrations delivered to consumers a brand-new and unique experience, allowing them to get a taste of Burberry's innovative breakthroughs in all dimensions, as well as achieving an all-in-one brand effect. On the day of the event, Burberry Tmall SBD livestream room was extremely “crowded” with as many as 28 million people watching the fashion show in multiple views — a record-breaking viewership with a single brand ever since Tmall launched its livestream room. This was the first time that Alibaba ever tried with a multi-view immersive brand show, and it was vigorously applauded among Tmall users.


  Riding the SBD’s momentum, Burberry's official flagship store saw a record-high daily transaction volume since its establishment six years ago, appealing to tens of millions of high-end customers.. During the SBD period, the click-through rate of the brand’s media contents increased significantly and the brand successfully harvested a large number of new customers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities across the country with its event series, both of which fully demonstrated Chinese consumers’ strong interests in Burberry Tmall SBD and the Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Show.

  超前整合策动全网生态力量  链接中国年轻消费者

  Forward-looking, Pioneering Integration and Mobilization of Ecological Power Across the Internet to Build a Network Connecting Young Consumers Throughout China

  Burberry电商高级副总裁Mark Morris先生表示:天猫是奢侈品与中国年轻消费者沟通的重要平台,此次我们非常高兴能与阿里巴巴携手举办天猫超级品牌日。活动通过独家的多视角沉浸式直播体验和AR技术相结合,使得我们的2021春夏大秀以前所未有的方式呈现。我们很高兴有这么多新的消费者在线与我们共同见证这激动人心的Burberry时刻。

  Mark Morris, Senior Vice President of Digital Commerce said “Tmall is a very important platform for us to connect with Chinese customers and we were very excited to collaborate with Alibaba for Super Brand Day. The combination of real-time live stream, the new and exclusive five angle camera view and AR technology made our Spring/Summer 2021 show come to life in a new way never experienced before. We are pleased that so many new customers joined us online for this exciting Burberry moment.”

  天猫奢品中心负责人汪小茵(Luna Wang)表示,"天猫奢品不断赋能奢侈品牌的数字化创新能力,通过此次与天猫超级品牌日的合作,整合全网生态力量,为Burberry这样的全球顶尖品牌提供了一个极致创新的舞台。这次合作不仅为品牌带来声量和销量的双重爆发,我们也看到,Burberry正以前所未有的能量触达和连接Z世代用户,未来更多精彩值得期待。”

  Luna Wang, head of the Tmall Luxury Division, said, "Tmall Luxury Products continues to empower luxury brands with digital innovation capabilities. Through this cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day, we integrate the ecological power of the entire Alibaba eco-system. It provides a stage of ultimate innovation for the world's top brands like Burberry. This cooperation not only succeeds in communication and business for brand, we also see that Burberry is embracing Generation Z consumers with an enthusiastic vibe, and more exciting things are worth looking forward to in the future.


  According to data by Alibaba, online spending on luxury goods in China has shown new patterns and trends, as the rapid ascent of a younger generation of consumers gives rise to an increasing number of niche markets to meet their personalized and diversified demands. According to an HSBC survey, 65% of Chinese consumers prefers to buy luxury goods on Tmall. Empowered by Tmall’s big data technologies, Burberry has accurately positioned itself to target the younger generation and entered the new territory with all its might; as a result, it successfully achieved breakthroughs and gained new fans. Thanks to this grand fashion show with its tremendous influence, Burberry has further strengthened its image as a world-leading luxury brand and established ties with a wider community of young consumers.

  当大多数奢侈品牌对电商还持观望态度时,Burberry率先作为首个国际奢侈大牌率先入驻天猫。迄今为止,Burberry和天猫已经合作6个年头。在合作的六年时间里,Burberry一直走在奢侈品电商的前沿:Burberry和阿里共创各类“首次”营销IP十余个,包括作为奢侈大牌首次入驻天猫、首次合作超级品牌日、首个参与双十一、首次将大秀放在天猫、首批阿里大数据数据银行、“首次”探索奢侈品新零售升级等等。据悉,Burberry入驻天猫6年GMV 持续保持行业领先的高速增长,天猫店铺粉丝和会员招募势头强劲,已积累大批忠实奢侈品消费者,其中Z世代占比和二三线消费者最高。

  While most luxury brands were still holding a wait-and-see attitude towards e-commerce, Burberry took the lead as the first international luxury brand to take up residence on Tmall. Burberry and Tmall have been cooperating for 6 years. During these years, Burberry has always been at the forefront of luxury e-commerce, as it has worked with Alibaba to create more than ten marketing IPs never seen before: Burberry was the first luxury brand to operate on Tmall, to join hands with Tmall SDB ever, to participate in the Double-11 shopping spree, to roll out a fashion show on the platform, to explore upgrades of retails of luxury items, and it was among the firsts to engage in Alibaba’s Big Data Bank, etc. Burberry's Gross Merchandise Value is reported to have maintained industry-leading rapid growth since its arrival on the platform 6 years ago, and the number of fans and members of its Tmall stores shows strong growth momentum. Among its large number of loyal luxury consumers, Generation Z takes up the highest proportion. Meanwhile, we are particularly excited to see so many new customers joining us, particularly from tier 2 and 3 cities in China.


  Luxury brands operating on e-commerce platforms see constant changes in consumer demands. To maintain steady growth, both timely breakthroughs and deeper connections with young consumers by way of proper brand schemes, product strategies and communication strategies are absolutely essential. The cooperation between Burberry and Tmall SBD has successfully integrated the best quality resources in the most accurate way, efficiently transforming its customers, enhancing its brand image and expanding the influence of the brand’s activities. This Burberry Tmall SBD will undoubtedly become a role model for the whole industry.